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“Jimmy is a talented, big-hearted, passionate artist. I recorded two songs in his studio. His generous personality immediately put me at ease and allowed me to comfortably give my best performance.
His mastering is top notch, his rates are reasonable and his talent is abundant.”
Alison Acaster, singer/songwriter–los angeles


“I have been to what feels like every engineer/producer on the west coast and Jimmy is the ONLY one that I know I will walk away happy and proud of what we have done. He is the kind of producer that you can trust with your art, he has an amazing ear and the talent to back it up… After the first song we recorded together I was sold on Jimmy being my go to guy for any recording I need done.
I STRONGLY recommend Jimmy to any one who wants to take their music seriously!
Along with being a rockstar producer/engineer, he is also just an all around great guy and makes you feel comfortable in the studio allowing you to really focus on the music.
A+++++ for Jimmy!!”
Stephen McGuire, singer/songwriter–los angeles Polimedia Ent.


“This incredible talent helped me find my sound for my latest passion project. He works with you on an intimate, intuitive level to help craft the sound and style of your vision and guides you with a maestro’s flair to lock it down and send you off into your glory. With reasonable rates and total professionalism, Jimmy gives his all to any project. He is all heart and a great guy and unlike many of the scumbag LA types, he is real and wants you to be at your best and gives only that in return with no strings attached.”
SheLovesSheKills, songer/songwriter–los angeles


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jimmy Deer for over 2 years now and what continues to blow my mind is his continued consistent professionalism.  I have worked with a number of creative professionals, and Jimmy’s passion and desire is to always achieve the best possible outcome for you, the client, and also himself in a timely manner. Outside of his incredible engineering, mixing, and mastering skills, his talent as a producer is mind blowing. I have never met a producer who can do as many styles of music as he can. Each one of his tracks feels like a new experience and he pulls it from his soul and you can feel it!  Working with Jimmy has definitely advanced my career and I am so thankful to have him as part of my team!”
Danica Rozelle, singer/songwriter–los angeles


“Jimmy Deer is an awesome talent… hes got to be the best guitarist Ive ever heard… and his energy and passion for MUSIC is INCREDIBLE… Ive been blessed to work with Mr. Deer and every session we’ve had has been great… the PRODUCTION as well as the MIXING and MASTERING is top notch… and his VIBE alone as a wonderful…. If you havent booked your session yet…its best to do so now.. and take your MUSIC to the NEXT LEVEL.”
Dominic Gonella, singer/songwriter/producer–los angeles


“Great Guitarist, excellent Mixes and Amazing Production=Jimmy Deer!!!”
Thurston Hargrove, songwriter–atlanta